The Developing History

 In 1957, Thomas Bardeen established JQTA acoustic laboratory( the former of MP Loudspeaker). Thomas. Bardeen once worked at Bell Laboratories and participated in studies of the negative feedback technology and the Williamson amplifier with the Nobel Prize winner Walt.Bratton,which made the development of audio technology enter a new era.

MP Loudspeaker was originated from the United States since 1957 year; They only focused on one goal for 50 years: constantly striving for excellence to provide customers with the most professional loudspeakers. After 57 years of experience, MP leads the whole world in audio interface, built-in speakers, ceiling speakers, power amplifiers and other professional customized products. MP Loudspeaker fully deserve to become the standard-setters in the field of loudspeakers..

Thomas,the founder of MP, established JQT Acoustic Research Lab to study the efficiency of speakers and other acoustic measurements , and renamed it to be MP Sound Arts in 1998 .

From 1963 to 1980, MP was involved with the research & design for the thick audio IC which was published in the Audio, the most well-known magazine in audio field.

In 1998, Thomas Bardeen founded the MP Loudspeaker in America based on his 30 years of experience in sound research and set up factories successively in the United States, Taiwan, China and other places. At their peak period,they had OEM cooperation with more than 20 well-known brands at the same time;

MP Loudspeaker now concentrates only on developing and producing high-end loudspeaker unit and class-d digital amplifier and continues the ODM/OEM cooperation with global famous brands;

In 2006, MP Loudspeaker launched a series of residential high-end speakers and were high praised by a majority of clients, thank you so much for all the support, we will develop and produce more better products; MP will soon launch speaker system specially for Dolby Atmos ,hoping to get more of you hear your favorite sound.