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Custom Installation - MP-HT500-IWLCR-6
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Model: MP-HT500-IWLCR-6

Bass: 6.5-inch woofer x 2.

Woofer:: 25mm titanium high note.        

Power: 10-120w            

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm            

Frequency response: 35Hz ~ 25kHz            

Sensitivity: 87 dB (- 2.83v / 1 meter)            

Surface mesh: spray painted iron mesh            

Cutout Dimension: 455 H x 185W x 98D          

Product Dimension: 490Hx 219.5W x 104D

Professional frequency divider design technology  

using the toplevel component filter with precise selection of frequency division point, each speaker works seamlessly in the best frequency band. The polyimide overload automatic protection switch of the middle and high pitch speakers ensures that the middle and high pitch units will not be damaged when the power is high.          

Titanium coated high pitch loudspeaker the diaphragm is made of high stable titanium film material to show smooth working frequency band response. This kind of high pitch loudspeaker has higher power and more stable sound and image than most soft ball top tweeters. The treble unit can be tilted to 30 degrees and rotated fully. The radiation angle of the treble can be adjusted according to the actual listening environment to obtain the optimal listening effect.            

Nomex multilayer diaphragm bass adopts
Nomex stratum layered structure diaphragm to show smooth low frequency response. Nomex stratum layered tissue diaphragm is made of honeycomb structure Nomex material sandwiched by tightly pressed glass fiber layer, which makes the diaphragm have good rigidity, internal damping and reliability. This kind of laminated structure diaphragm has smooth performance at low frequency and sweet and warm in medium frequency.