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Custom Installation - MP-HT950-IWLCR-8
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Model: MP-HT950-IWLCR-8

Tweeter: 28mm German silk film tweeter unit.

Midbass: 4 inch paper basin inthepon cell cell unit.

Bass: 8-inch MFP bass unit.

Sensitivity: 88dB.

Rated impedance: 4ohms.

Frequency: 30-30khz.

Power: 10-300W.

Product Dimension: 530 W x 600 L x 270 D

Cutout Dimension: 540 W x 610 H

Mounting screw mounting size: 4 M6 mounting holes per set,60mm x mm.A total of 2 groups, 2 groups of intermediate distance of 300mm.